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update urls

bump minor release.

Merge pull request #48 from Doriak/master

French Translation is coming soon.

fxi some of the urls

use the new uk mirror now. our cdn is getitng removed due to cost.

fix links

add some metalink files.

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fix format

update licenses

update release

Update release notes.

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Update version

add aws link

Update emule mention to 1.0 release.

Update download links

update version

dont' complete ingore this

update release notes for new release and remove some old code.

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remove google plus since it's a dead platform.

update jquery.

update copyright

capitalize menu items

Merge branch 'master' of

Add security advisory site and app store to pages.

add analog inmages

add mailman icons

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update google ad code.

make a reference to 0.8 here

add a comment about mport command

fix the bitcoin link

add bitcoin donations

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