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Merge branch 'stable/2.0' of into stable/2.0

Revert "debug build on master again"

This reverts commit e50d2704b630e8ee77d9f41783dd5dac47d14b55.

fix a typo

fix name

fix path

Bump version after major merge

Merge pull request #1 from MidnightBSD/master

Cleanup some missed items, improve USB gaming keyboard support, fix some network stack issues

fix the zfs data set for mports

If the USB frame length is set to 1024 bytes, WMT_BSIZE, the EETI controller will pack multiple touch events in the packet and the current code will only process the first touch event.

As a result some important events are lost like releasing the finger from the


Use the maximal input report size as buffer size instead.

Add support for the device statistics IOCTL

Define more subsystem orders. Intended for use with module_init_order() in the LinuxKPI.


do a service update

Expose the ACPI power button, sleep button and LID state as evdev's.

This allows libinput to disable touchpads when the lid is closed and

various desktop environments can show power-off dialogs when the power

button is pressed. While the latter is doable with devd a

cross-platform solution is nicer.

When closing a LinuxKPI file always use the real release function to avoid resource leakage when destroying a LinuxKPI character device.

Implement a detaching flag for the sound(4) subsystem to take appropriate actions when we are trying to detach an audio device, but cannot because someone is using it.

This avoids applications having to wait for the DSP read data

timeout before they receive any error indication.

Tested with virtual_oss(8).

Remove some unused definitions while at it.

Remove the power bit from the super speed root hub port status register because it clobbers the super speed link status when a device is in super speed mode. Currently the power bit is not needed for anything in the USB hub driver.

This fixes USB warm reset for super speed devices.

Increase number of write completion threads, matching ZoL.

Our iSCSI benchmarks on a large 80-core system show that previous limit

of 8 threads can be a bottleneck. At some points this change increases

write IOPS by as much as 50%

Add deprecation notices to ctau and cx drivers

Avoid potential structure padding leak

Avoid potential structure padding leak.

add MIPS-specific PT header ELF definitions

Don't send an uninitialised traffic class in the IPv6 header, when sending a TCP segment from the TCP SYN cache (like a SYN-ACK). This fix initialises it to zero. This is correct for the ECN bits, but is does not honor the DSCP what an application might have set via the IPPROTO_IPV6 level socket options IPV6_TCLASS. That will be fixed separately.

Add Atom C3000 (Denverton) SMT PCI ID.

Extend the range of the return value from nsecs_to_jiffies64() to support Mesa's drm_syncobj usage, in the LinuxKPI.

While at it optimise the jiffies conversion functions to avoid repeated

and constant calculations.

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Restart the USB keyboard repeat timer at every valid key-press.

Retire macros:




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Remove the now unused FREEBSD_GE_REV, FREEBSD_GT_REV, and FREEBSD_LT_REV macros.

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#ifdef cleanup

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MFZoL: Relax restriction on zfs_ioc_next_obj() iteration

Per the documentation for dnode_next_offset in dnode.c, the "txg"

parameter specifies a lower bound on which transaction the dnode can

be found in. We are interested in all dnodes that are removed between

the first and last transaction in the snapshot. It doesn't need to be

created in that snapshot to correspond to a removed file.

In fact, the behavior of zfs diff in the test case exactly matches

this: the transaction that created the data that was deleted in snapshot

"2" was produced before, in snapshot "1", definitely predating the first

transaction in snapshot "2".