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Change the xid for client side krpc over UDP to a global value.

Without this patch, the xid used for the client side krpc requests over

UDP was initialized for each "connection". A "connection" for UDP is

rather sketchy and for the kernel NLM a new one is created every 2minutes.

A problem with client side interoperability with a Netapp server for the NLM

was reported and it is believed to be caused by reuse of the same xid.

Although this was never completely diagnosed by the reporter, I could see

how the same xid might get reused, since it is initialized to a value

based on the TOD clock every two minutes.

I suspect initializing the value for every "connection" was inherited from

userland library code, where having a global xid was not practical.

However, implementing a global "xid" for the kernel rpc is straightforward

and will ensure that an xid value is not reused for a long time. This

patch does that and is hoped it will fix the Netapp interoperability


Obtained from: FreeBSD

Sync with FreeBSD 11-stable.

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sync with freebsd 10

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tag and remove dead code

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sync with freebsd 9 stable.

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start the kernel lock manager work

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