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Add a sanity check for nes_numsecflavor to the NFS server.

Obtained from: FreeBSD

add linux compat in nfs v4 client with permission checks on open

Obtained from: FreeBSD

Fix a crash in the NFSv4 server.

update more file systems.

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Fix a locking issue

Obtained from: FreeBSD 334699

Fix the eir_server_scope reply argument for NFSv4.1 ExchangeID.

In the reply to an ExchangeID operation, the NFSv4.1 server returns a

"scope" value (eir_server_scope). If this value is the same, it indicates

that two servers share state, which is never the case for FreeBSD servers.

As such, the value needs to be unique and it was without this patch.

However, I just found out that it is not supposed to change when the

server reboots and without this patch, it did change.

This patch fixes eir_server_scope so that it does not change when the

server is rebooted.

The only affect not having this patch has is that Linux clients don't

reclaim opens and locks after a server reboot, which meant they lost

any byte range locks held before the server rebooted.

It only affects NFSv4.1 mounts and the FreeBSD NFSv4.1 client was not

affected by this bug.

Obtained from: FreeBSD svn 334633

sync nullfs and nfs with freebsd

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bad patch, file duplicated

nfs changes

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timestap fixes for NFS.

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make it possible to force async server side on NFS server.

fix the mis-handling of teh VV_TEXT on the nullfs vnodes.

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add two new options to the nfssvc(2) syscall that allow processes running as root to suspend and resume execution of nfsd

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modify nfsv4 client so that it can handle owner and owner_group strings that consist entirely of digits

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fix a deadlock in nfs server

Fix a security vulnerability in nfsserver which can allow clients who send malformed requests (readdir) with a file as the path can corrupt memory or do other nasty things.

Fix obtained from: FreeBSD

Fix IPv6 problems.

Make some things in ATA & cam constant.

Fix some bugs in geom

Remove unused files.


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