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debug build on master again

release config

release config

fix missing \

fix missing \

Hyper-V: hn: Relinquish cpu in HN_LOCK to avoid deadlock

The try lock loop in HN_LOCK put the thread spinning on cpu if the lock

is not available. It is possible to cause deadlock if the thread holding

the lock is sleeping. Relinquish the cpu to work around this problem even

it doesn't completely solve the issue. The priority inversion could cause

the livelock no matter how less likely it could happen. A more complete

solution may be needed in the future.

Obtained from: FreeBSD

With some popular multiplayer games (such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) the Linux Steam client likes to occasionally scan the game process memory, presumably as part anti-cheat measures. Turns out the client also expects each inode entry to be followed by a space character, otherwise the parsing code crashes.

Obtained from FreeBSD:

fix perl

add perl 5.32.0 dir

remove some items

turn on perl again.

fix path

add perl 5.28 files.


bump for perl and mdnsresponder imports

deal with missed files.

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Upgrade Perl to 5.32.0

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    • +25305
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mdns update

Remove old mdns files

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Update mDNSResponder to 1096.40.7

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Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into master

add special

update version

added llvm-symbolizer

add llvm-symbolizer

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add null checks

document SIOCGIFMEDIA add

Bring in a patch for SIOCGIFDATA

For interfaces that do not support SIOCGIFMEDIA (for which there are quite a few) the only fallback is to query the interface for if_data->ifi_link_state.

While it's possible to get at if_data for an interface via getifaddrs(3) or sysctl, both are heavy weight mechanisms.

SIOCGIFDATA is a simple ioctl to retrieve this fast with very little resource use in comparison.

This implementation mirrors that of other similar ioctls in FreeBSD.

Other BSD's support SIOCGIFDATA and I would like FreeBSD to as well.

Obtained from Roy Marples, FreeBSD

Merge branch 'master' of

udf: Validate the full file entry length

Otherwise a corrupted file entry containing invalid extended attribute

lengths or allocation descriptor lengths can trigger an overflow when

the file entry is loaded.