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tag 8.15.2

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sendmail 8.15.2

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add dtrace to generic kernel

check for updated make for make universe.

fix comments

fixx the asertions of the state of the object under the map entry with MAP_ENTRY_VN_WRITECNT

breaks i386 xen

use pget(9) to reduce code duplication.

dont dereference userland pointer.

remove unused code.

make CTL build as module

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    • +28
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    • +32
fix comment format.

update to version

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    • +99
filename required

fix compile with debug defined


remove p pacro

minor spelling fix.

move examples before command.

add pcpu to rctl(8)

add cpu percent limit enforcement to RCTL. dont divide by zero.

replace iteration over the provider list onmedia events by taking first one.

if filter of the interrupt event is not null print it.

finally removed the stat and fstat calls from the opendir code.

add conditional sleep per jail if we add IPv6 addresses.

fix synopiss for sbuf_len

block dual channel use due to missing serialization logic

add more ifdefs

on SIM destruction free associated CCBs.

fix a race.