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pf: Do not allow negative ps_len in DIOCGETSTATES

|Remove bogus use of useracc() in (clock_)nanosleep. | |There's no point in pre-checking that we can access the user's rmtp |pointer before we do it in copyout(). | |While here, improve style(9) compliance.

Obtained from: FreeBSD

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add linux compat in nfs v4 client with permission checks on open

Obtained from: FreeBSD

fix a panic when removing a usb mouse

Change the xid for client side krpc over UDP to a global value.

Without this patch, the xid used for the client side krpc requests over

UDP was initialized for each "connection". A "connection" for UDP is

rather sketchy and for the kernel NLM a new one is created every 2minutes.

A problem with client side interoperability with a Netapp server for the NLM

was reported and it is believed to be caused by reuse of the same xid.

Although this was never completely diagnosed by the reporter, I could see

how the same xid might get reused, since it is initialized to a value

based on the TOD clock every two minutes.

I suspect initializing the value for every "connection" was inherited from

userland library code, where having a global xid was not practical.

However, implementing a global "xid" for the kernel rpc is straightforward

and will ensure that an xid value is not reused for a long time. This

patch does that and is hoped it will fix the Netapp interoperability


Obtained from: FreeBSD

ufs: apply suspension for non-forced rw unmounts.

Merge branch 'stable/2.0' of into stable/2.0

Revert "debug build on master again"

This reverts commit e50d2704b630e8ee77d9f41783dd5dac47d14b55.

Add ID for JMicron JMB582/JMB585 AHCI controller.

JMB582 has 2 6Gbps SATA ports and PCIe 3.0 x1.

JMB585 has 5 6Gbps SATA ports and PCIe 3.0 x2.

Both chips support AHCI v1.31, Port Multiplier with FBS and 8 MSI vectors.

Obtained from: FreeBSD

Clone the RCU interface into a sleepable and a non-sleepable part in the LinuxKPI.

Bump the freebsd compatibility version

Obtained from: FreeBSD

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Some fixes for SRCU in the LinuxKPI.

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evdev: Add COMPAT_FREEBSD32 support for amd64 arch

Incompatibility between i386 and amd64 evdev ABIs was caused by presence of

'struct timeval' in evdev protocol. Replace it with 'struct timeval32' for

32 bit binaries.

Big-endian platforms may require additional work due to bitstr_t (array of

unsigned longs) usage in ioctl interface.

Add support for multiple playback and recording devices per physical USB audio device. This requires some structural refactoring inside the driver, mostly about converting existing audio channel structures into arrays.

The main audio mixer is provided by the first PCM instance.

The non-first audio instances may only have a software mixer for PCM playback.

Obtained from: FreeBSD

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fix a typo

fix a typo

Implement new mixer API to return the device pointer based on the mixer pointer.

Change default microphone level from 0 to 25.

Improve USB audio mixer support for USB audio class 1 and 2. - make sure volume controls are correctly mapped to "pcm" and "rec" depending on how they deliver audio to the USB host. - make sure there are no duplicate record selections. - remove internal only mixer class type. - don't add software volume controls for recording only. - some minor mixer code cleanup.

    • -389
    • +254
Be more intelligent when classifying USB audio

Make mute controls available for USB audio

Factor out USB audio mixer value range check.

Avoid scaling USB audio mixer values twice.

fix test list

Relax too strict SES element descriptors check

Account out of buffer as dropped packets in mlx5en(4).

Remove obsolete bufring stats in mlx5en(4).

Count number of times transmit ring is out of buffers in mlx5en(4).

Don't drop packets having too many TCP option headers in mlx5en(4).

Ensure a minimum inline size of 16 bytes in mlx5en(4).

This includes 14 bytes of ethernet header and 2 bytes of VLAN header.

This allows for making assumptions about the inline size limit

in the fast transmit path later on.

Use a signed integer variable to catch underflow.

Obtained from: FreeBSD

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Add support for BCM54618SE PHY