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fix some bugs with mport upgrade

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load index for package checks

revert recursive sqlite query approach.

pass first down

add pkg leaf

add initial support for configuring settings

add support for -q and -o flags which allow compact versions of which for scripts

assign to null

add basic which command

fix build

add support for multiple packages at install time.

this seems to cause serious issues with the exec. avoid loading index here

switch to using mport_info

improve error handling and clean up

dont print out blank lines for CPE info

add a new command to explicitly fetch the index.

first pass at making this dispatch safe

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fix some warnings present when using clang

during an update with a bad hash verification, try to unlink the file. If we cant tell the user to delete it manually.

add stats to documentation

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add statistics

free memory properly on verify

fix a small memory leak.

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add lock and unlock commands

add a method to view locks on mport

mport usage has a whitespace issue

teach mport command about cpe

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return usage on mport exec without specifying package names for install, update or delete

drop cvs2svn prop

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os release