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Introduce the ability to disable TRIM support on some drives with buggy firmwares.

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add x370 and X399 AMD ahci

add several intel ahci controllers

mark these as raid

add amd b350 ryzen ahci device id

sync with freebsd

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fix speeds.

Create controller-level DMA tag, handling range of supported addresses.

That simplifies logic for channels and gives the bus information about what

device actually allocated the tag.

Obtained from: FreeBSD 249853

Read Asynchronous Notification statuses only if Port Multiplier or ATAPI

device are connected. ATA disks are not using ANs, while the extra register

read operation is quite expensive.

Depending on combination of running commands (NCQ/non-NCQ) try to avoid

extra read from PxCI/PxSACT registers. If only NCQ commands are running, we

don't really need PxCI. If only non-NCQ commands are running we don't need

PxSACT. Mixed set may happen only on controllers with FIS-based switching

when port multiplier is attached, and then we have to read both registers.

Obtained from: FreeBSD 249851

JMB361 only has one sata port

do not zero out all 64 bytes as we only use 16

fix the ahci 1.2 version check

fix names of several chipsets. add a few new intel

add AMD hudson 2, Intel Lynx Point, JMicron JMB360 & 362, Marven 88SE91Ax 88SE9215 and HighPoint RocketRaid 640L, 642L, 644L

remove cvs2svn:cvs-rev prop

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tag and remove dead code.

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This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r5075,

which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.

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