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add support for newer lenovo models

The kernel driver for /dev/midistat implements a handler for read(2).

This handler is not thread-safe, and a multi-threaded program can

exploit races in the handler to cause it to copy out kernel memory

outside the boundaries of midistat's data buffer.

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Reduce timeout for reading the USB HUB port status to 1000ms and try to filter out dead USB HUB devices by implemention of an error counter.

Fix a lost completion event issue towards libusb(3).

Fix for reception of large full speed isochronous frames via the transaction translator.

Fix retries.

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fix redundant text

In xhci(4) there is no stream ID in the completion TRB. instead interate all the stream idds in stream mode to find the matching USB transfer.

add some quirks for sandisk sdcz48_32 ultra 32gb, ploytec spl crimson rev 1, edirol ua-25ex

extend the vendor class USB audio quirk to cover devices without the control descriptor


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fix a bug where some devices lie about support

- Or in the DMA coalescing Rx threshold so the other bits set in E1000_DMACR

remain intact as intended in igb_init_dmac(). [1]

- Fix igb corrupting checksums with BPF and VLAN

Introduce the ability to disable TRIM support on some drives with buggy firmwares.

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ACPICA 20170728

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ACPICA 20161222

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Update ACPICA to 20160930

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add timeout to fix some issues

add lewisburg & union point controllers

add Corsair k70 lux keyboard to USB quirks.

fix reboot status reporting

add x370 and X399 AMD ahci

add several intel ahci controllers

mark these as raid

add kabylake h and coffeelake hda

add x370 usb controller

add AMD X399 usb controller and Fresco Logic FL1100

amd 300 series usb controller (b350 chipset)

add amd b350 ryzen ahci device id

remove old file

remove old file