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include destdir for fake checks

be sure to compile with blocks support

link against pthread

reset props for svn keywords

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old style

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exit call is redundant and not reached.

turn off diagnostic messages.

Free memory when using malloc.

use nline when it's created.

Remove all debugging settings. We don't want production code to do this.

Add a third party public domain string replace function to correctly deal with the case where mports contain a + in the name

zipios++ fails fake do to the regular expression dying on +. We may need to handle other special charactes if they come up in port names. I haven't seen any to date.

Import OpenBSD's sysctl sensors framework. This is based on work by Constantine A. Murenin for the 2007 Google summer of code for FreeBSD.


sample config file for sensord

rc scripts

documentation fixes and updates



This is compatible with OpenBSD 4.1 and 4.2 in terms of the userland bits.

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Part 2 of the mport tools update

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sync libmport libexecs with devel version.

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Add mport.check-fake binary.

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