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revert recursive query logic. does not play nice with libdispatch

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rework install logic to try to use a recursive query in sqlite instead

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increment pointer rather than just infinite loop here


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remove package file if it fails hash verification so we can download again easily


accept optional version parameter to mport_install. This allows users to remove ambiguity with ports like ruby or tcl.

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always perform hash verification on packages at this level.

drop unused function

install bundle file is broken. work around for now

Add new mport_setting_get and mport_setting_set functions to allow users to customize settings. The sqlite3 master database now contains a settings table with name and val fields.

There are two obvious uses for this:

1. defining the country the user is in to pick the nearest mirror list.

2. storing the last time we fetched an index so it doesn't try to do it all the time when it's out of date and we haven't generated one on stargazer yet.

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woot.. more fun with cleanup

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fix more warnings with const char* issues

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comment out mport_upgrade function as that isn't 100% ready

Upgrade to latest snap from github.

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