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reformat error code and add some sanity checks

add newline

whitespace & formatting

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don't use old style declarations

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Add new mport_setting_get and mport_setting_set functions to allow users to customize settings. The sqlite3 master database now contains a settings table with name and val fields.

There are two obvious uses for this:

1. defining the country the user is in to pick the nearest mirror list.

2. storing the last time we fetched an index so it doesn't try to do it all the time when it's out of date and we haven't generated one on stargazer yet.

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lets fix one compiler warning

Upgrade to latest snap from github.

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Sync with the current devel version of libmport.

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Next developement snapshot.

Many bug fixes: hardlinks work correctly, exec/unxec parsing, etc...

Packages now have a status, on install it starts as 'dirty', and is set to

'clean' if the install succeeds. Similar logic is used in package deletion,

which now tries harder to keep going after errors.

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Latest developement version of libmport.


It is now possible to create, install, and delete packages from a system

with the library.

The install primative now uses the progress callback system to give the user

feedback during the install.

Support for installing into a chroot envirement is included at the library

level. This is useful if you have a GUI app and you don't want your entire

process stuck in the chroot.

Many function names have been changed in an effort to improve the library's


Many bug fixes and subtle changes.



library overview.

function reference.

mport bundle specification.

The merge primative.

The fetch primative.

The update primative.

Top level functions to do things like "fetch this bundle, its depends, and

then install them all."

Some of the sematics are still up in the air. For example, gtk12 and

gtk2 both have a pkgname of gtk. libmport doesn't allow two package with

the same name to be installed.

Hard links are not implemented in a mport bundle.

Much more testing and bug fixing is needed.

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Latest developement version. Nearing completion of package installation.

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Improvements to the sub.package schema.

Cleanup now always runs.

Fixed error handing in db_create.c

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Add the cleanup code to create. Various bug fixes.

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First working code for archive creation. Many features still missing, but

it kinda works :).

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Start of libmport. At the moment all it can do is a make a tmpdir with the

package-meta database. Soon we'll pull in libarchive and start to make some


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