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revert recursive query logic. does not play nice with libdispatch

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add retry algorithm

allow nulls

handle nulls in fields better

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add locked, change field to nullable

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add return val

add additional fields and bump both version fields

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attempt to standardize the select count * code for indexes

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fix error handler after refactor

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fix a double free and add retry code on a locked database

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attempt to protect prepare with a serial queue

merge changes from 0.8

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fix upgrades so that we do not continuously try to recreate tables during mport operations. This fixes some errors as well as speeds up some operations

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start work on @(root,wheel,0755) command structure

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clean up error handler

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explicit cast to avoid clang warnings

fix several dispatch queues

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add some libdispatch love

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Add support for locking and unlocking packages to libmport. This will allow a user to block update or delete operations on packages

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update database version when upgrading the schema

add CPE column to mport bundles and the master list. bump the MPORT database version to 3 as well as the bundle version

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Create os_release in packages of the master database to indicate what os_release the installed package is for.

This is important because we may be upgrading from 0.4 to 0.5. We want to be able to indicate to the user that we have old packages or force upgrade functionality on them.

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remove cvs2svn prop

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reset props for svn keywords

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Start populating os_release. needs more work

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Introduce new functions:

mport_version() (public) to display bundle version and currently running os.

mport_get_osrelease() (private util) to get the os release from sysctl

Packate stubs now include the OS version the package was created for in the meta table as os_release key. This way, we know what OS version the package was built for. Fetching packages currently relies on a static define in the mport tool and this may go dynamic in the future.

It might be useful to install old packages in newer os versions in some scenarios such as jails.

Also, bump the fetch url to 0.5 for 0.5-CURRENT as we're starting to tinker with the package format. The idea is to assume packages are for old releases if they don't include the meta[os_release] and allow a new mechanism to upgrade all packages for those built on the current release when we do major updates.

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Add new mport_setting_get and mport_setting_set functions to allow users to customize settings. The sqlite3 master database now contains a settings table with name and val fields.

There are two obvious uses for this:

1. defining the country the user is in to pick the nearest mirror list.

2. storing the last time we fetched an index so it doesn't try to do it all the time when it's out of date and we haven't generated one on stargazer yet.

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I forgot to check for SQLITE_OK like the original code did in the success case.. duh

We're getting weird locking errors sometimes. If the sqlite call is "busy" or "locked", try the operation again. It could be a temporary problem from another process or a time consuming operation.

Upgrade to latest snap from github.

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