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revert recursive query logic. does not play nice with libdispatch

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do not treat it as a pattern

add error checks and memory cleanup

fix debug

use proper format

add missing fields to pkg insert

Add partial support for multi argument sample syntax. @sample src dest. Does not remove the created file on uninstall.

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code cleanup and locking fixes

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fix locking

fix some potential thread safety issues with sqlite access

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fix mode logic

handle null case for owner/group/mode and also allow data to be empty string if a command like @owner with no params is used

change the order we fetch things

fix error handler after refactor

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fix a double free and add retry code on a locked database

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remove logevent call

fix order

convert pre and post to use shared code. This allows us to use the serial queue for sql access and reuse code

move installed event back where it goes. there is a postexec event anyway., migrate to a serial queue for asset list

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call finalize when we fail

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get rid of an unused var

use a tailq rather than a select intermixed with inserts. this will limit possible issues since we are using the same connection to the db

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add sanity check

mark package clean/installed only after post install steps now.

add logging to syslog when a package fails to install. Refactor several parts of do_actual_install into their own functions. Add error handling for sample files.

refactor count code into its own method

formatting fixes

merge changes from 0.8

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first pass at handling directory perms with @dir() syntax

fix path issue on deletes by catching absolute paths and storing them properly in the master database. This should help with verify as well.