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fix issues with absolute path sample files.

fix some bugs with mport upgrade

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
look at hash values to help remove packages.

Add public domain hashmap implementation.

revert recursive query logic. does not play nice with libdispatch

use count function

add retry algorithm

do not treat it as a pattern

rework install logic to try to use a recursive query in sqlite instead

add stdint

cleanup and check for null values

add additional flags for monitoring changes

reformat error code and add some sanity checks

add error checks and memory cleanup

use the fake destdir when generating file path so we can create the package correctly when an absolute path is used.

fix typo

add osversion check for current

fix another typo

fix typo

add a setting to configure region

bump os version

fix debug

fix a double free

remove free call

clean up return cases

fix some formatting issues and check return status on a few things.

use proper format

check columns

allow nulls

handle nulls in fields better