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fixed a bug with mport clean

document 1.2 timeline

System calls operating on file descriptors obtain a reference to

relevant struct file which due to a programming error was not always put

back, which in turn could be used to overflow the counter of affected

struct file.

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The kernel driver for /dev/midistat implements a handler for read(2).

This handler is not thread-safe, and a multi-threaded program can

exploit races in the handler to cause it to copy out kernel memory

outside the boundaries of midistat's data buffer.

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document patch for CVE-2019-5611

tweak updating


document compat issue

The code which handles a close(2) of a descriptor created by

posix_openpt(2) fails to undo the configuration which causes SIGIO to be

raised. This bug can lead to a write-after-free of kernel memory.

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Fix some buffer overflows in telnet client.

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deroff is back

document new version

update openssl

add mksh update

document openssh update

perl 5.28.0

mention fix

doccument new trim disable feature

ACPICA 20161117

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Update ACPICA to 20160930

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document groff is back

Insufficient validation was performed in the ELF header parser, and malformed

or otherwise invalid ELF binaries were not rejected as they should be.

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document corsair lux fix

add wpa security patch

document chipset and compiler fixes.

document AMD ryzen chipset add

document nfs fixes

document comnpatibility

document some improvements

update expat