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Improve the TCP SACK generation by reporting DSACKs

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Sync with FreeBSD 11-stable.

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sync with freebsd

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hard revert on network stack code

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merge in TOE update from FreeBSD 252555.

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If ip_output() returns EMSGSIZE to tcp_output(), then the latter calls tcp_mtudisc(), which in its turn may call tcp_output(). Under certain conditions (must admit they are very special) an infinite recursion can happen.

To avoid recursion we can pass struct route to ip_output() and obtain

correct mtu. This allows us not to use tcp_mtudisc() but call tcp_mss_update()


Obtained from: FreeBSD

TCP MD5 signature denial of service fix

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TCP MD5 signature denial of service

A programming error in processing a TCP connection with both TCP_MD5SIG

and TCP_NOOPT socket options may lead to kernel crash.

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Fix a bug where TCP connections transitioning to LAST_ACK state can get stuck. This can result in a denial of service.

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MidnightBSD 0.6.3 RELEASE

TCP connections transitioning to the LAST_ACK state can become permanently

stuck due to mishandling of protocol state in certain situations, which in

turn can lead to accumulated consumption and eventual exhaustion of system

resources, such as mbufs and sockets.

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Fix IPv6 problems.

Make some things in ATA & cam constant.

Fix some bugs in geom

Remove unused files.


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sync with freebsd 9 stable.

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Major feature merge from FreeBSD 7.1

Introduce FIB (Forward Routing Base) aka multiple routing tables to MidnightBSD. This is the kernel piece with userland to follow later.

As part of this work, changes had to be made to the vm subsystem, rwlocks introduced, changes to sleep queues, and modifications to the pf firewall.

Effectively this gives us most of the functionality of the FreeBSD 7.1 network stack including tcp offload.

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Remove ifdef from 4.3BSD Net/2. I don't think it's ever going to be done. :)

Fix bug reported here:

Only affects amd64 MidnightBSD

If the new window size ends up being the same as the old size when it is scaled, then don't force a window update.

Obtained from: Patch by John Baldwin, FreeBSD 7-STABLE local patch

soreceive() will send an ACK right away if data was drained from a TCP socket that advertized a 0 sized window. However, the receive window had to be exactly zero. Change the code to check the raw window value instead.

fix incorrect tcp padding on options

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*** empty log message ***

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bring in freebsd changes.

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Disable debugging information.

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TCP Auto sizing of socket buffers improves throughput on high latency links. Several new sysctls were added to control the buffers max size, etc.

Additional work is needed, but under initial testing this is working great. You must rebulid world in order for netstat to work correctly.

A few changes were made to netstat, but do not change functionality in any significant way.

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