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ethersubr: Make the mac address generation more robust

If we create two (vnet) jails and create a bridge interface in each we end up

with the same mac address on both bridge interfaces.

These very often conflicts, resulting in same mac address in both jails.

Mitigate this problem by including the jail name in the mac address.

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sync several file systems, i386/amd64 platform specific code with freebsd 11 stable.

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sync with freebsd

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hard revert on network stack code

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mark malloc defines static that have no malloc declares.

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move ipfw to match newer freebsd releases

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Fix IPv6 problems.

Make some things in ATA & cam constant.

Fix some bugs in geom

Remove unused files.


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sync with freebsd 9 stable.

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Major feature merge from FreeBSD 7.1

Introduce FIB (Forward Routing Base) aka multiple routing tables to MidnightBSD. This is the kernel piece with userland to follow later.

As part of this work, changes had to be made to the vm subsystem, rwlocks introduced, changes to sleep queues, and modifications to the pf firewall.

Effectively this gives us most of the functionality of the FreeBSD 7.1 network stack including tcp offload.

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MidnightBSD has had a behavior where incoming packets were dropped if the MRU > MTU. If you had a device misconfigured on your network, for instance with jumbo frames, the network stack would drop packets. This is not a desired behavior in most cases.

However, some people like to experiment with the existing behavior or have other reasons such as detecting misconfigured devices. We now have a new sysctl net.link.ether.MTUisMRU which allows you to tune this behavior. 0 is the default and implies the stack will take all incoming packets that it can handle whereas 1 reverts to the old behavior.

This patch was inspired by work from Julian Elischer @ freebsd-net

Sync with FreeBSD 6.1 Release.

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This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r5, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.

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