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Add support for multiple playback and recording devices per physical USB audio device. This requires some structural refactoring inside the driver, mostly about converting existing audio channel structures into arrays.

The main audio mixer is provided by the first PCM instance.

The non-first audio instances may only have a software mixer for PCM playback.

Obtained from: FreeBSD

Improve USB audio mixer support for USB audio class 1 and 2. - make sure volume controls are correctly mapped to "pcm" and "rec" depending on how they deliver audio to the USB host. - make sure there are no duplicate record selections. - remove internal only mixer class type. - don't add software volume controls for recording only. - some minor mixer code cleanup.

Be more intelligent when classifying USB audio

Make mute controls available for USB audio

Factor out USB audio mixer value range check.

Avoid scaling USB audio mixer values twice.

sync additional drivers

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extend the vendor class USB audio quirk to cover devices without the control descriptor

sync with freebsd

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fix some audio device issues.

USB audio fixes and improvements. - Fix runtime switching of sample rate - Fix feedback endpoint algorithm

mark SYSCTL nodes static

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add support for buttons on usb audio devices like volume controls

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reduce stack usage in usb aduio.

add full support for fast track ultra 8R from M-audio. Add usb audio v2 support.

add support for various yamaha keyboards

tag and remove dead code.

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sync with freebsd 9 stable.

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Update sound code

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Updating sound system including the snd_hda patches from FreeBSD.

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Convert NULL checks into KASSERTs

This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r5, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.

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