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Don't consider PCIe hot-plug command timeout fatal.

According to my tests and errata to several generations of Intel CPUs,

PCIe hot-plug command completion reporting is not very reliable thing.

At least on my Supermicro X11DPi-NT board I never saw it reported.

Before this change timeout code detached devices and tried to disable

the slot, that in my case resulted in hot-plugged device being detached

just a second after it was successfully detected and attached. This

change removes that, so in case of timeout it just prints the error and

continue operation. Linux does the same.

Obtained from: FreeBSD

start working on dev updates.

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sync pci

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always enable bus mastering on bridges so that transactions on teh secondary are passed to the primary

tag and remove dead code.

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sync with freebsd 9 stable.

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Merge several changes from FreeBSD 7-stable.

Introduce virtualization detection. The kernel knows if it's running with VMWar

e, VirtualBox, Parallels, etc and changes the hz level as well as disables MSI a

s appropriate. We will need to drop the loader support for part of this once it

's tested further. This is more general and allows us to make more changes for s

pecail hardware emulation.

Update alc(4), bge(4), mii(4) and cardbus as well as pci. This fixes several pr

oblems with various devices, particularly alc(4) which often had difficulty dete

cting cables were plugged in and DHCP. bge(4) gains support for several newer ch

ips and disables UDP offloading for stability reasons.

We also had to hack zfs so that the kernel memmove can be used now rather than t

he macro bcopy hack.

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merge and sync with freebsd 7

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Sync with FreeBSD 6-Stable

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