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Revert "debug build on master again"

This reverts commit e50d2704b630e8ee77d9f41783dd5dac47d14b55.

debug build on master again

sync several file systems, i386/amd64 platform specific code with freebsd 11 stable.

  1. … 1960 more files in changeset.
remove debug stuff

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Release config for kernels

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
revert config change

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
release config

switch to prod configs for kernel

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add debugging options for current

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sync up configs

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fix debug in kernel configs

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add dtrace to generic kernel

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add hpt27xx to GENERIC kernel

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add partial virtio support to amd64 generic. scsi is still broken until cam is updated

add quota and tcp offload to generic amd64

turn off firewire and turn on hw random number generators

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tag & add xen hypervisor kernel config

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Change default kernel configuration

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make vlan default in the GENERIC kernel.

make a few minor changes to fix some stability problems.

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revert previous change and make 4BSD the default sechuler on amd64. This is temporary while we investigate some stability issues

From now on, CURRENT will have witness and invariants enabled by default. This slows down performance, but it makes it much easier to catch kernel problems.

Upon creating a release branch, these options should be removed.

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Introduce CPU Affinity in MidnightBSD.

The ULE scheduler is now default on i386 and amd64 architectures.

cpuset(1) allows the user to limit a process to a group of CPU cores to run on using new system calls.

32bit versions of the system calls were also added to support 32bit binaries running on amd64 boxes. libc's

symbol map was modified to include the cpuset* system calls to expose them to userland.

This is based on work by Jeff Roberson from FreeBSD 7.1.

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Modify generic kernel config to add stack(9) and prepare for ath(4) update.

Fix some formatting problems while here.

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add igb(4)

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Enable atheros cards in generic.

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Fix big typo. turn on UFS_GJOURNAL support.

Enable options P1003_1B_SEMAPHORES # POSIX-style semaphores

This option is required by many modern applications including Firefox 3.5. We also need this to support libdispatch!

Enable on all three architectures.

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Update the kernel config with the newer wifi and network devices.

*** empty log message ***

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GEOM_GPT was renamed GEOM_PART_GPT. Correct in GENERIC kernel.