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A ftpd(8) bug in the implementation of the file system sandbox, combined with capabilities available to an authenticated FTP user, can be used to escape the file system restriction configured in ftpchroot(5). Moreover, the bug allows a malicious client to gain root privileges.

A number of AMD virtualization instructions operate on host physical addresses, are not subject to nested page table translation, and guest use of these instructions was not trapped.

- From kernel mode a malicious guest can write to arbitrary host memory (with

some constraints), affording the guest full control of the host.

AMD and Intel CPUs support hardware virtualization using specialized data structures that control various aspects of guest operation. These are the Virtual Machine Control Structure (VMCS) on Intel CPUs, and the Virtual Machine Control Block (VMCB) on AMD CPUs. Insufficient access controls allow root users, including those running in a jail, to change these data structures.

A programming error in the ure(4) device driver caused some Realtek USB Ethernet interfaces to incorrectly report packets with more than 2048 bytes in a single USB transfer as having a length of only 2048 bytes.

An adversary can exploit this to cause the driver to misinterpret part of the

payload of a large packet as a separate packet, and thereby inject packets

across security boundaries such as VLANs.

teach mport about current

mandoc seems to crash right now when running as makewhatis. Go to legacy product for now.

fix text

remove old files.

disable tests by default for now.

fix mtree bug

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

fix a symbol regression

add depend files.

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Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

update test dirs

fix a typo

fix typos

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fix makefile

add plumbing for midnightbsd-update.

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update optional files.

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ignore jails for id check

blacklistd integration

update some periodic scripts

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fix dialy periodic

fix an issue

refresh release scripts

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remove extra mtree

update newsyslog

update mailer

network interface love

fix typo