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fix issues with absolute path sample files.

Fix some installation problems with samples that have an absolute prefix. (firebird-server)

fix some bugs with mport upgrade

remove some of the debug logging. add an os check for now to work around old versions that won't upgrade

workaround some bugs with mport upgrade for now

fixed a bug with mport clean

load index for package checks

look at hash values to help remove packages.

Introduce the ability to clean packages that fail checksum or don't match the current index.

clean needs the index loaded in order to delete packages.

document 1.2 timeline

mark release

fix packages exclude

add hasmap imp

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fix package exclusion path

fix path

remove debug stuff


MidnightBSD 1.1.3 release

Bump MidnightBSD version to 1.1.3

document some improvements

update acpi_ibm compatibiility

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fix a write bug with updating nsswitch.conf

bump version

update param version

Create stable branch for 1.2

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undo some deletes as we now have portsnap and deroff back in

link against math lib since we added fts

enable fts modes

add support for newer lenovo models

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