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Merge pull request #1 from fossabot/master

Add license scan report and status

Add license scan report and status

Signed-off-by: fossabot <>

update some libraries.

Add travis ci build info

Update lombok and jest client

Update spring boot version for security as well as spring cloud. update copyright year.

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Fix the readme

Remove some unused javascript. Update the angular-ui-bootrap to 0.12.1 and use a webjar for it

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Update to angular 1.4.x

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Update angular.js to 1.3.x

Fix the ports

fix the flyway config

No longer needed

Start spring boot 2 upgrade.

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switch to vanroy spring-data-jest client.

Upgrade spring cloud

Update spring boot

fix several bugs

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add a sort by cve, version

tweak some front end stuff

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We don't need the dialect anymore with spring boot 1.5. Also set the prod database for redis as to not have a conflict with app store.

enable redis cache for key endpoints. make objects serializable

upgrade the postgresql driver.

Upgrade spring boot to 1.5.10

fix another npe

Refactor config node stuff to use two tables for cpe vs operator/children handling. While here, fix a NPE.

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Add configuration data.

add an index for map table, disable 30 minute elasticsearch indexing for now, and temporarily disable the weekly cron. set a 10 minute delay before fetching new items.

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we don't need these exported

batch save isn't working. just revert for now.