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update bind to 9.16.7

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Update bind 9.11.22 and bind 9.6.6

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Update bind to 9.16.5

New Features

New rndc command rndc dnssec -status shows the current DNSSEC policy and keys in use, the key states, and rollover status. [GL #1612]

Bug Fixes

A race condition could occur if a TCP socket connection was closed while named was waiting for a recursive response. The attempt to send a response over the closing connection triggered an assertion failure in the function isc__nm_tcpdns_send(). [GL #1937]

A race condition could occur when named attempted to use a UDP interface that was shutting down. This triggered an assertion failure in uv__udp_finish_close(). [GL #1938]

Fix assertion failure when server was under load and root zone had not yet been loaded. [GL #1862]

named could crash when cleaning dead nodes in lib/dns/rbtdb.c that were being reused. [GL #1968]

named crashed on shutdown when a new rndc connection was received during shutdown. This has been fixed. [GL #1747]

The DS RRset returned by dns_keynode_dsset() was used in a non-thread-safe manner. This could result in an INSIST being triggered. [GL #1926]

Properly handle missing kyua command so that make check does not fail unexpectedly when CMocka is installed, but Kyua is not. [GL #1950]

The primary and secondary keywords, when used as parameters for check-names, were not processed correctly and were being ignored. [GL #1949]

rndc dnstap -roll <value> did not limit the number of saved files to <value>. [GL !3728]

The validator could fail to accept a properly signed RRset if an unsupported algorithm appeared earlier in the DNSKEY RRset than a supported algorithm. It could also stop if it detected a malformed public key. [GL #1689]

The blackhole ACL was inadvertently disabled for client queries. Blocked IP addresses were not used for upstream queries but queries from those addresses could still be answered. [GL #1936]

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update bind!

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update to bind 9.16.2

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bind 9.16.1

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add bind 9.16, update c-ares, ddclient, ldns. Remove ez-ipupdate

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