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Modify the indexer to use "default flavor" when none is specified.

add default flavor in indexer.

add new default column

use pkgname as it's closer to unique than origin now. The issue is that origin does not take into account for flavors.

add flavor to essential

fix flavor.

fix typo.

update some of the table schema

make a few changes to the indexer for magus.

Avoid duplicate queries.

Add an explicit message when we're indexing if a flavor is missing.


naming clash

phase fix

readd test.

if flavor is not defined, just avoid using it

add a default test outcome rule.

split depends based on flavor.

attempt to enable flavor on make

call load again with the new yaml (oops) while here skip defaults since we processed them once.

Fix typo with flavor list

First pass at adding flavor support to magus indexer.

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Change the base url for magus indexing to github.

add blessed column

add blessed column

add quotes

add quotes



change rel

change rel

return a depends object not another port