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update jquery and bootstrap

add a basic OSREL and OSVERSION to indexing

use blessed build date.

use pkgname

add a new endpoint for repology

This is really messy but moving the initalization seems to knock over 100ms off the runtime

drop the gzip. apache will handle that for us anyway. fix the blessed var.

fix perl path

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update tracker

Modify the indexer to use "default flavor" when none is specified.

add default flavor in indexer.

add new default column

update phpldap admin

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revert the gzip change. webserver can do it for us and this is causing some weird errors with the api call from spring.

turn off test. broken on magus.

add gzip to magus

turn back on options although we need to fix them.

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use pkgname as it's closer to unique than origin now. The issue is that origin does not take into account for flavors.

Index should only include lib,run,pkg depends not others like build, fetch, etc.

This cuts down on file downloads for users.

add flavor to essential

fix flavor

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fix flavor.


make executable.

call it port

fix typo.

add some flavor data to magus as well as github link

update some of the table schema

make a few changes to the indexer for magus.

Avoid duplicate queries.

Add an explicit message when we're indexing if a flavor is missing.


naming clash