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Add preliminary support for meson in options

add some missing default descriptions

add some options

Add fstrm for bind ports.

Update a slew of GNOME related ports or dependencies.

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Update mysql to 5.7.32

  1. … 23 more files in changeset.
remove gmake depends. remove old sites.

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restore version check

perl version

fixup default

update objc compiler to clang 7

bump perl version in mports

bump perl default to cover stable at least.

don't force python 2

fix depends

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update mogodb. make scons configurable for python 2 or 3 and know about flavors.

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east asian

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turn off check when indexing.

add libgsasl

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quote the DEPRECATED message. This is breaking with finance/wmstock as it has a flag in there.

also add overlay to the depends check

add partial support for wrappers and overlays.

Add a few sanity checks.

add marco, gtk-layer-shell

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flavor tweak

update depends

fix IGNORE/BROKEN in ports infrastructure.

Update how we handle marking mongo broken on current

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remove dead mirror

add test depends only to add ada extension for future ada support add continue on fail when patching.

Obtained from: FreeBSD ports

add bison wrapper

source rust is default now.

update mp4v2

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add bsd1

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