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Merge pull request #1 from fossabot/master

Add license scan report and status

Merge pull request #2 from MidnightBSD/whitesource/configure

Configure WhiteSource Bolt for GitHub

Add .whitesource configuration file

Create FUNDING.yml

Create Jenkinsfile


Add license scan report and status

Signed-off-by: fossabot <>

add x11 library explicitly.

fix code formatting

ignore intellij files

cleanup code

wrap debug statements in ifdef’s.

remove dead code.


disable print statements

More formatting fixes.

Slightly improve design.

Add license information.

Remove navy color for a more uniform look.

Simplify interface.

Create the progress bar early so that we avoid crashes if the mport index load fires early.

remove debugging statement.

Clear the progress bar when selecting other rows.

force gtk events to get processed during the mport install/remove activity.

This also requires initializing threads via XInitThreads() to prevent an xcb crash.

Connect the callback for the yes/no

Wire up an initial yes/no question handler

Setup one of the callbacks and also make more error messages show up in a msgbox rather than the console.

Introduce a button on the installed screen for removing installed apps.

While somewhat redundant, it's easier to remove an installed package this way.

add a reset button to clear search results.

icon install

Reload search results after an install or uninstall operation so the check boxes are updated.

Refactor code to only load the index one time.