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Add license scan report and status

Signed-off-by: fossabot <>

upgrade postgres driver

fix copyright year

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Upgrade spring boot version.

Update webjars locator core

Update spring cloud and angularjs

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Update some dependencies for security patches.

fix closure.

Upgrade to Spring Boot 2

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set some defaults.

fix formatting problem.

add architecture controller test.

add eureka config for prod

add preliminary ratings system to other screens

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add rating to categories

spring boot 1.4.7

fix the sort order

store package version info in elasticsearch

start using web jars. add license view

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fix conflicting cache entries

prepare for webjar support

perform cache invalidation.

add list test

add license sort order

increase cache timeout

add some tests.

add first unit test. bump cache limits update spring boot to 1.4.6.

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Separate fetch and import into distinct services.

update spring and flyway

add aws cloud config stuff